Pakistan Public Works Department (PWD)

Pakistan Public Works Department is a Federal Department under Ministry of Housing and Works of which, Moulana Abdul Wasey is serving as federal minister and Iftikhar Ali Shallwani is serving as a secretary hosuing and works. Its headquarters are located in IslamabadPakistan, and sub-offices in all the major cities of the country. PWD is in operation since pre-independence day.

Functions of Pakistan PWD

  • Acquisition and development of Federal Government lands
  • Maintenance of all federally owned Government Building and their furnishing except those financed from Defence budget
  • Construction of federally financed Government Offices and residential accommodation
  • Management of Federal Lodges
  • To act as technical adviser to Federal Government in Engineering matters


The Pakistan PWD operates through

  • Public Sector Development Programme
  • Deposit Works
  • Maintenance Worka
  • Sustainable Development Goals Achievement Program

Planning, Administration and Architecture constitute the organizational structure.