Dr. Imran Zeb Khan , Secretary





   The redesigned website of Ministry of Housing and Works was launched in October, 2007. The web-sites of its attached departments and organizations namely Pakistan PWD, National Housing Authority, Estate Office, Federal Govt. Employees Housing Foundation, Pakistan Housing Authority, and National Construction Limited have also been launched and linked with the main page of the Ministry’s website.


2.  I am glad that now the website of the Ministry of Housing and Works provides comprehensive and up-to-date information relating to various activities in housing sector. This is being continuously monitored and updated regularly for the convenience of the users. We are also in the process of placing the National Housing Policy-2001 on the website. Users are requested to give their views / comments on various aspects of the policy so as to enable us to review and appropriately revise the existing policy measures.


3.    The Ministry is also in the process of launching new housing schemes for the public as well as for government servants. A plan for construction of 37,000 apartments for low paid employees on ownership basis in Islamabad and provincial capitals is also underway.

4.    In the aftermath of October, 2005 devastating earthquake the Ministry of Housing & Works, in collaboration with NESPAK, has finalized the revised Building Code of Pakistan (Seismic Provisions-2007) for adoption throughout Pakistan. Priced publication of the same will be made available in the near future.


5.       I hope the information given on the website will be useful for the interested users. I would welcome any suggestion / recommendations or feedback to improve our website.


Dr. Imran Zeb Khan