Admin Notification/Office Orders

  1. 1.  NHA is Declared as Policy and Planning Wing (10-3-2021)
  2. 2.  Additional Charge and Posting of  M. Kamran(SO) (27-10-2021)
  3. 3.  Posting and transfer within the Ministry. 
  4. 4. Notification regarding Raja Zahoor Ahmed Extension Period.
  5. 5. Notification Regarding M.Asghar Gondal Appointed As Accounts Officer(BS-18).09-09-2021
  6. 6: Notification About Ms Kanwal Ali Khan Posted As Deputy Director Estate Office Lahore.24-09-2021
  7. 7. Office Memorandum About The Revision Of Rental Ceilings For Hiring Of Residential Accommodation
  8. 8. Notification About Withdrawal Of Posting Of Ms Kanwal Ali Khan and Further Orders 
  9. 9.Notification About Syed Azmat Ali Shah,Repatriated To His Parent Department i.e At Military Account General, Rawalpindi. 
  10. 10. Notification About the  Formation Of Inquiry Committee To Dealt With The Harassment Of Women At WorkPlace.
  11.  11.Notification About Newly Appointed Assistant Director(BS-17) and Superintendent(BS-17) Of Estate Office,Islamabad.
  12.  12. Notification About the Nomination of Overseas Facilitation Officer In Ministry of Housing and Works
  13.  13.Notification About Mr. Muhammad Adnan Anwar,Who Is Assumed the charge of the post Of  AD (BS-17) Estate Office  Islamabad.
  14.   14.Notification About Mr. Kamran Marwat , Who Is Assumed the charge of the post Of  AD (BS-17) Estate Office,Peshawar.
  15.    15. Notification About Mr. Zuhaib Odho , Who Is Assumed the charge of the post Of  AD (BS-17) Estate Office, Karachi.
  16.  16. Revision Of Rental Ceilings Of Hired Residential Accommodation Updated, 18 Nov, 2021.